Bigfoot: I Not Dead

Thursday, May 15, 2008 - 8:00pm
Gladstone Hotel Ballroom, 1214 Queen St. W.
Bigfoot: I Not Dead
Bigfoot: I Not Dead

To celebrate the launch of the latest installment in his wildly popular series of graphic novels about the hairy tabloid sweetheart, Bigfoot: I Not Dead, award-winning artist and author Graham Roumieu presents “Bigfoot: This Not Wake”, an evening during which he and such other intrepid explorers as writer and actor Douglas Bell, comedian and author Sean Cullen, poet and EYE WEEKLY Arts & Lifestyle editor Damian Rogers, novelist and Quill & Quire review editor Nathan Whitlock, and novelist Michael Winter will deliver short “eulogies” about the mythical man-beast. – A This Is Not A Reading Series event presented by Penguin Group Canada and EYE WEEKLY.

Bigfoot: I Not Dead: As in the critically acclaimed Me Write Book: It Bigfoot Memoir, award-winning artist and author Graham Roumieu masterfully weaves together glossy images and pithy text in his follow-up, Bigfoot: I Not Dead. The reclusive forest dweller shares his innermost thoughts about his tumultuous journey through the highs and lows of being tabloid fodder to the reconstructed, self-actualized Bigfoot that he is today. From his revelations about celebrity, cannibalism, celebrity cannibalism and his addiction to eating garbage, Bigfoot finally sets the record straight about his so-called wilderness years. Bigfoot is also brutally honest about his rehabilitation, spiritual awakening and hitherto secret midnight sojourns back to his old stomping grounds. Bigfoot: I Not Dead is an inspirational tale of a vastly misunderstood creature who overcomes the roadblocks of life in the fast lane and finds his way back to himself.

Graham Roumieu is an award-winning artist and author. Many publications and media companies use his services as an illustrator on a regular basis, notably The New York Times, Wall Street Journal, Harper’s Magazine, Walrus Magazine, CBC, Disney, and American Airlines. Roumieu’s work has received numerous awards from, amongst others, the Society of Publication Designers, American Illustration and the Canadian Magazine Awards. In addition to his bestselling series of graphic novels about Bigfoot (In Me Own Words, Me Write Book, and I Not Dead), Roumieu is the author of 101 Ways To Kill Your Boss and contributed to the collection, Four Letter Words.

Douglas Bell is a writer and actor. His first book, Run Over was short listed for the 2002 City of Toronto Book Prize. Bell is a regular contributor to Toronto Life magazine. As an actor, he is perhaps best known for his role in the CBC television series The Newsroom.

Sean Cullen is a comedian and author. He is a three time Gemini award winner for his gala performance at Just For Laughs (2001), and hosting the Gemini Awards show (2003) and hosting What Were They Thinking (2006). More recently, Cullen released his second novel for young readers, Hamish X and the Hollow Mountain.

Damian Rogers is the Arts & Lifestyle Editor at EYE WEEKLY magazine. She is also a published poet who has worked at Poetry Magazine, founded Pontiac Quarterly, contributed to uTOpia and edited books for Drag City.

Nathan Whitlock is the review editor of Quill & Quire magazine. His writing and reviews have appeared in The Toronto Star, Saturday Night, The Globe & Mail, Maisonneuve, Toro, Geist, and elsewhere. Whitlock just launched his debut novel, A Week Of This.

Michael Winter is the author of The Big Why, which won the Drummer General's Award. His fictional memoir This All Happened won the Winterset Award. Winter has also published two short-story collections, Creaking in Their Skins and One Last Good Look. His latest novel is The Architect's Are Here (Penguin Group Canada).