Richard Crouse is a noted critic, author and broadcaster. He is the host of a show about movies called – what else? – Richard Crouse's Movie Show on E! and the Independent Film Channel. Crouse is also a frequent guest on many national Canadian radio and television shows.

Publicist-Illustrator Extraordinaire Evan Munday tells Winston about the shenanigans it takes to make people notice such literary gems as Jon Paul Fiorentino’s Stripmalling, which TINARS launches on March 2 at the Gladstone Hotel Ballroom.

Graham Roumieu is a model employee at Penguin Group Canada. He seems to enjoy sitting quietly in his cubicle drawing his little pictures and weeping softly to himself. Before giving it all up to pursue exciting career opportunities at Penguin Group (Canada). Graham worked as a freelance illustrator and writer.

Don Kerr is widely billed as ‘Canada’s pre-eminent urban landscape percussionist’. Though this honorific is well deserved, it somewhat obscures the full range of Kerr’s artistic activities. He sings and plays drums, cello, and tenor guitar. Kerr has played with Ron Sexsmith since 1987 and was a member of The Rheostatics.

“If Lynda Barry and Kathy Acker had a child, it would be Lisa Foad." - Zoe Whittall, author of Bottle Rocket Hearts.

Steven W. Beattie is a writer and critic in Toronto. He is the Reviews Editor at the Canadian publishing magazine Quill & Quire, and has published in the Vancouver Sun, the Edmonton Journal, Canadian Notes and Queries, and elsewhere. Beattie’s online home is the popular literary blog, That Shakesperian Rag (

Toronto-based author and academic Priscila Uppal was one of three Canadian writers on the 2007 shortlist for the prestigious Griffin Poetry Prize. She is the author of five collections of poetry and the internationally acclaimed novel The Divine Economy of Salvation.

Biblioasis and This Is Not A Reading Series join forces every September to stage a ceremony for the prestigious Metcalf-Rooke award. Winston recently caught up with last year’s recipient, Rebecca Rosenblum.

W: How did winning the Metcalf-Rooke award for your short story collection Once last year change your life?

Nathan Whitlock plays many roles at TINARS: notably featured author (A Week Of This), interviewer and loyal audience member. What’s he been up to recently? Winston found out.

W: Over the years, you have conducted interviews with writers of all stripes. Can you share your strangest exchange (no names)?